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They Call Him Flipper, Flipper

Buncombe County purchased a $6.8-million tract located along Bent Creek to entice Deschutes Brewery to locate in the county. It was a secret, but the brilliant reporters at the local daily figured out who it was. Now, the county is putting the property up for sale. Hayley Benton at the Mountain Xpress hopes the commissioners will say what the sale means for negotiations with Deschutes.

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Members of Hendersonville City Council voted themselves their Second Amendment right to pack heat in buildings forbidding concealed carry.

If burning 1 gram of carbon generates 7.9 kcal, and the earth’s temperature has increased 0.8K/century due to man-made carbon emissions; how much heat must they pack, in 100-percent insulated containers, each year, to stave off global warming over the next decade? Estimate the specific heat of air at 1kJ/kgK and the atmospheric mass for the planet at 5.3 x 10^18 kg.

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I’m Just Sayin’

I’m reading Zoning Rules! by William A. Fischel. He’s rather clever. One point he makes is that in the old days wealthy homeowners could easily relocate to avoid a property tax increase. With zoning, they will likely have to sell at a loss to compensate for higher property taxes. That is, if they can find another rich person who wants to buy their home in a high-tax district. In the old days, they could sell it to poor folks who would split it up and share it.

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The president said we need stronger gun controls. This is because all mass murderers meticulously search the legal record, probably with multiple hired attorneys, to make sure their massacres are executed in accordance with all local, state, federal, and international law and, in light of thorough case study analysis, likely to set no insensitive precedents. (I speak as a fool for the clueless.)

Hello, government. Legalese multiplied does not drive gunmen to peaceful coexistence. Its proliferation of nitnoids makes all of us offenders, ties those who value obedience into pretzels, and drives good people like Mark Meadows, who is trying to make the world a better place, out of office.

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Cutting & Pasting the Cut and Pasted

The local dailies from Asheville and Hendersonville agree with the AP’s summary of this year’s legislative session (1, 2). Interesting changes are requiring women to take three days to think about what they’re doing before they have an abortion, forbidding minors from using tanning beds, and letting persons with revoked licenses drive themselves to church.

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That Hurts

Pain is good. That is why Dr. Allan Zacher will stop providing non-narcotic, nonsurgical treatments therefor. When Medicare reimbursement for his services was cut over 50 percent, the founder of Interventional Pain Services of Western North Carolina, PLLC, concluded there was not enough money for rent, staff, and ordinary operational expenses. What’s more:

The Government Accounting Office has estimated the average small practice will lose $200,000 annually in lost or delayed payments because of confusion over the new diagnostic codes.

The bottom line, said Zacher, is:

Running a high-quality, ethical practice in pain medicine is no longer economically viable for a solo practitioner in a semi-rural setting. This is America and I can opt out of Medicare, but I but don’t think we’ll get enough people to pay out of pocket for a $400 to $500 treatment.

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How Booming Is the Economy?

Trains were running on the Blue Ridge Railroad last week. Members of “the international community” wondered if perchance business was picking up. Sadly, locomotives were only hauling cars to the underutilized infrastructure for storage.

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The state increased the Macon County Schools budget by $540,500. The school district’s textbook allocation increased from $64,680 to $129,043. Informeth the Macon News:

The state-approved budget that was passed on Sept. 18 increased public education funding locally to $25,148,879, up from $24,608,382 in 2014.

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What’s a Second Amendment, anyway? Members of Hendersonville City Council will soon decide whether or not they get to carry guns on city property where concealed weapons are verboten. This is as it should be. Rights are created by the Government, for the Government. Right?

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You Might Judge a Motive by the Magnitude of the Offense

If you ever thought leadership in Washington, DC was immune from snooty office politics, this should cure you.

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