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Why the Federal Government Must Meddle in Agriculture

Where does this (1, 2) lead . . . ?

The USDA is giving out loans for a wide range of agricultural endeavors. They are also trying to enroll farmers in the Livestock Indemnity Program. The long and the short of it is, The Wee People can’t so much as plant a seed or raise a cow but by the grace of the commander and chief. I was assured by a swift response that the interest rates on the loans were fixed; but suppose some catastrophic event – like a new regulation – were to jeopardize many small farmers across the country. I is-pose the federal government through some agency or its crony would be in first-position on the loan. Wow, just think of all the land the government would get – and, wow, just think of all the garbage the Founders fed us about land being essential to freedom. Perhaps our visioneers, when soliciting buy-in for their community plans, need to be asking whether we prefer to be serfs or slaves.

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Why the Federal Government Must Meddle in Local EMS Departments

I surely don’t grasp what is going on with this. From here, it appears local governments can get FREE! federal money by going along with the monkeyshines. As was mentioned before, Henderson County EMS people are going to pretend there’s a panacea. It will probably allow them to get some use out of those FREE! or reduced wizmo-gizmos they got from the Department of Homeland Security. Maybe they’ll even use up supplies to justify their replenishment and thus create jobs. Personally, I’m still waiting for the bird flu – or was that abated by federal programs instructing our youth how to wash their hands?

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Time for a Vacation?

In a conversation yesterday, I shared my realization that the truth was on trial these days. It’s a far cry from thirty years ago when allegations would be measured against the truth. Now, we have to have pundits frame things for us (like Fox News’ recent 1=3 deal). Pundits with understanding (like Stossel and Gutfeld) are driven to hyperbole and sarcasm trying to make their points.

I shared with this other person, who is a CPA, the absurdity of working over 100 a week to recycle $520 pre-tax in the local economy; when I could lie in a hospital bed, properly consume services, and bring thousands of free federal dollars a day into the community. If I wanted, I could bring more free federal dollars into the community by arguing that my subsidized or sliding-scale stay was not free but paid with tax dollars, because that would create jobs for psychologists. At least I know one rises in status the more he can say “community.”

We celebrate that we are better off than we were a decade ago because we are earning 75 percent of former wages, living in decrepit situations, more in debt, and hopefully taking advantage of more government programs. In the old days, if we wanted a strong economy, we would all get to work. Today, those of us with paychecks aren’t innovating or producing; we’re pushing paper or carrying titles and attending meetings with authority. To make our thriving economy even more vibrant, we convene conventions of visionaries to come up with ten-year plans.

We’re so bored filling out compliance forms, getting put on hold when we want to challenge an error in the system, or sitting watching the blue circle go round and round on our computers, more and more of us are turning to lives of addiction. Some people go for the illegal stuff, but many others go for alcohol or prescription antidepressants. So, when some sober dude watching the news queries, “Where’s the outrage?” he can rest assured it’s held in check by whatever’s in the bottle.

To help ourselves personally, we consult our local New Age visionaries who help us reshape our energy fields. The gurus can prove their positive energy fields are bringing them wealth, when they are only profiting off the hopeless seeing nowhere else to turn.

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More Good Sense Today

Here’s some more good news for the poor people trying to stay warm so they don’t get sick:

Members of Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation will enjoy a full year of a temporary rate reduction made possible by lower wholesale power costs primarily driven by historically low natural gas prices.

The average member household will save $18/month.

Recent cost projections from the cooperative’s wholesale power provider, Duke Energy Carolinas, showed continued lower costs for 2016 largely due to continued low natural gas prices. Recent domestic production of natural gas has resulted in an over-supply, which is causing significant cost decreases.

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Astute for an Agency

Saith the AP:

A state agency says North Carolina doesn’t need to add new regulations to zip lines. . . . ‘No amount of regulation will remove all risk from this industry, and the department is not convinced that additional regulations will create a safer industry,’ the agency wrote in the report.

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Prudence Prevailed

The Transylvania County Commissioners rejected an offer to partner in a feasibility study for a new courthouse and athletic building. The county was but one recipient of Brevard College’s invitation to partner. It was only asked to give $25,000. Commissioner Larry Chapman said the county had done enough studying, teachers hurting for supplies could put the money to better use, and the study would inappropriately tell the college what to do with others’ property. Kelvin Phillips echoed the sentiments, and Jason Chappell did the political thing and couched his “no” vote in procedural concerns. Page Lemel said she agreed public money should not be spent on a private undertaking, but justified the expenditure as an economic engine. Mike Hawkins thought it would be a transformational project.

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Empowering Criminals

The good news is, members of Hendersonville City Council decided not to vote themselves special privileges. The bad news is, they voted to abridge citizens’ inalienable rights. The subject was gun control. Council unanimously agreed they did not want to be able to carry guns in city hall if they have a CCP. The point is rather moot, since they probably never meet there without a gun-toting officer on duty. But by the same ordinance, they outlawed carrying guns in city parks and recreational facilities.

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Pipe-Dreaming that Words Could Have Meaning

On Changes, WWNC 570-AM’s public affairs programming this morning, if I heard aright, Director of NC Policy Watch Chris Fitzsimon said:

I believe in the free market, depending on how we structure it.

– which is not as bad as a former local politician’s equating it with cronyism.

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“Needed to Medicate All Henderson County Citizens within 24 Hours”

Henderson County sent out its monthly “E-Newsletter” with the usual nanny-state advice on how to stay warm and telling us to eat food only a king or somebody on food stamps can afford – for a healthy heart. It’s the usual butter’s good – butter’s bad – butter’s good kind of thing. But this is downright scary:

A medication POD is part of our Medical Counter Measures Plan. On January 26, the health department conducted a full scale exercise just to test this plan. In the exercise’s scenario, we needed to medicate all Henderson County citizens within 24 hours due to an anthrax exposure. As part of the exercise, our notification system and incident command was tested as well as the medication POD process. We are now waiting for an evaluation of the exercise with actions for improvement. The end result will be improved planning and capabilities for public health and our community partners.

All jurisdictions in the United States are required to plan, exercise, and train public health and emergency personnel for public health threats. The health department has plans in place to respond to communicable disease outbreaks and bioterrorism. For more information on public health preparedness planning, visit


The newsletter goes on to offer flu and rabies vaccines. I somehow expect government vaccines to have a little something to modify thought processes, to help with anger management to mitigate outrage against big government – or be hacked like all other sweeping government takeovers.

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Embedded Billionaire’s Steeped Ideology Threatens Elite Path to Poverty

Saith the Smoky Mountain Times:

Western Carolina University Chancellor David Belcher had a heart-to-heart with university faculty last week about the controversy over a politically charged financial gift to WCU from the conservative Koch Foundation.

The majority of WCU faculty opposes the $2 million gift that will establish and fund a Center for the Study of Free Enterprise, a socio-political economic theory steeped in Libertarian ideology. Belcher went against faculty in December and approved the gift and the center’s creation.

Belcher was commended for grovelling and apologizing. The staff majority wants a plurality of opinions. That is, the concept of trade is narrow and flawed, but Marxism is universal. Belcher, it seems, was defrauded by freaky billionaires trying to share with budding entrepreneurs their methods of creating general prosperity through economic freedom. This freaky, steepy ideology threatens the power structure, which profits with prestige and tenure when kids to go into big student debt so they can be paupers.

Faculty concerns have centered on whether the free enterprise center would be a veiled advocacy arm for the political ideology of the conservative Koch Foundation. The wealthy Koch brothers fund a vast national network of ideological think tanks and political action groups — a network that has increasingly come to include economic research centers embedded on university campuses.

“To be vulnerable to billionaires to say in your marketplace of ideas I am going to buy 10 shelves full to put my material on, it undermines the fundamental integrity of education,” said Dr. David McCord, chair of the faculty senate.

Faculty also fear the university could be co-opted by outside entities trying to advance their own interests rather than support the university’s mission.

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