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Maybe “Warren Buffet Museum” Would Help

At last night’s city council meeting, there was a big brouhaha over whether or not a building should sell naming rights. The Asheville Art Museum is in a lot of deep doodoo as far as insider fiscal conservatives are concerned, but who gives a rotten flip about what the building is called? Arguments against the renaming referred to the real estate as “sacred.”

Overshadowed by the main thing were allegations about corruption in high places in the Asheville Police Department.

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Jefferson Was Wiser Than Me

Wise Democracy North Carolina has selected a phrase from the nation’s founding documents, and is seeking to make that the end-all and be-all of government. The group “implements Wisdom Councils,” which are groups of twelve randomly-selected citizens made safe and heard by a, no doubt divinely impartial, Dynamic Facilitator who “keeps the group moving forward,” toward consensus.

No process is perfect, and this one has a systematic bias against the working poor. That is, I don’t know anybody who is trying to raise a family and pay their own bills, that has enough leisure time to do stuff like this.

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Slow Voters, Long Euphemisms, & Bad Music

Silly Season will be over in a week. Until then, politicians are campaigning more than legislating. One at least is officially recycling old legislation for broader appeal. As a result, the newspapers are covering that which this 501(c)(3) may not discuss. And consequently, I will give you three quotes you may like to add to your poetry book:

During last week’s phone banking, NAACP members encouraged voters to take advantage of early voting, particularly since the process of voting now takes longer due to the legislature’s elimination of straight party voting.

A private organization last week incorrectly announced that 10,000 registered voters were classified under the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The state board has confirmed that 109 DACA recipients are presently on the voter rolls, but have not voted in any prior election.

The US Cellular Center faced a serious security threat on Saturday night, when seven concert attendees at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium were hospitalized due to drug overdose.

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Right Said Joe

Joe King, who owns a hardware store that would be affected by Hendersonville’s proposed 12-cent tax overlay, “staged a one-man taxpayer uprising” during a meeting of the Seventh Avenue Advisory Committee. King would pay an additional $630 a year, and he argued that money would be better spent improving property. Said King:

Taxes are a disincentive. How is making it more expensive going to incentivize people to re-energize Seventh Avenue?

City Councilman Steve Caraker replied that the new tax would improve property values all around. Had King, by odd chance been suffering PMS, he would have picked up on the “Get out of Dodge” angle.

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IMPLAN-Me Multipliers for This

If anybody is interested in having the city bill his property taxes to itself, here’s how. The Town of Franklin retains its old town hall as surplus property and rents it to Lazy Hiker Brewing Company.

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Sounds LIke a Vendetta

The Asheville Citizen-Times is still going after Police Chief William Anderson. To date, the issues appear nitpicky, the kind everybody has unless they have a friend like Pepe who can make their mugshots disappear. If there is justifiable cause for complaining about what has been published to date, then “out with it.”

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Comparative Indiscretions

I shall stoop to talk about dirty politicking. Asheville School Board member Lisa Baldwin has her face smeared all over the local daily because a school employee used their school email to encourage other school employees to vote against Baldwin. Neither the fact that the employee used her school account for a political campaign, nor that she carelessly sent it to an informant, should get anybody out of shape. The nasty thing is, the victim’s face is plastered all over so anybody who only reads headlines, looks at the pictures, and reads the first paragraph will be led to believe Baldwin was up to worse than her adversary actually was.

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What Else?

The State Board of Elections found only 1425 folks “who are likely non-citizens” registered to vote in North Carolina.

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Best Case for More Education Spending – Brilliant

The Power of 3 Votes is working to get people to vote with Moral Monday. Narry as I can figure, they want more money to go to education so they can learn math. Their philosophy is, if one person asks two friends to come to the polls, and they each ask two friends, and so on, and so on, there is a power of three thingy going on. If organizers were proficient in math, they would realize they were dealing with Pascal’s triangle and powers of 2, so they make a strong case.

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Fighting Politicians

The Wee People in Boone would like some water. It is good for drinking and washing. But the town fathers are now hesitant to invest in system upgrades for keeping pace with anticipated demand. You see, they are afraid that if they will build it, they will come. They, of course, are the pirates in the legislature who like to seize assets from municipalities.

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