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Top Ten Wild West Moments

Not really. There is no news, but there is no top ten here, so Mum says to tell everybody she hopes they are celebrating unions and attending the rally of their choice.

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With That and a Nickel . . .

The Henderson County Sheriff’s department contracted for a survey that told them the color and living arrangements of respondents, as well as whether they thought certain services were excellent, good, fair, poor, or very poor.

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I survived Ohio, where the only customer service I got came from the police at a road block. I had a burnt-out headlight, which resulted in about an hour of processing when I would have preferred to be in bed. Just about the entire highway was torn up with slow speed limits and cops pointing radar guns.

Now, I’m in the “remarkable” town of Destroit where somebody could probably make a killing selling spray paint to the graffitists. Coming home from an amazing Moody Blues concert, I noticed a billboard whereon a lawyer dude advertised, “Your turn for justice.” “Strange town you have,” I told my sister. Then, I read that back home, music blared from a peace rally.

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Allegations against the Asheville Art Museum Continue

Former Asheville mayor and city manager Ken Michalove, who has been dogging the footsteps of the Asheville Art Museum for nearly two years, now says it is headed for bankruptcy unless it ramps up its own fundraising, sticks to its original goals and stops trying to adjust its game plan and financial reports so as to qualify for city and county money.

For more details, cliquez ici.

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Nose to the Ground

The town fathers in Mills River have adopted a greenway plan. They already know where they want to put the ped/bike path, along an existing right of way; but they contracted with a firm to do some rigmarole because:

The adoption of the plan will allow the town to send its study on to the French Broad Metropolitan Planning Organization, which will assist the town in seeking grant funding to make the greenway a reality.

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The Mountain Xpress is doing a thingy where they are rehashing the newspaper’s history. Meanwhile, the weekly to which I contribute (and most would say from which I detract) has had its print schedule altered so news of city council and county commissioner meetings is about ten days old when it hits the streets. The in-thing, now is all these picture pages designed for smart phones.

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The Good News & the Bad News

The Haywood County Tourism Authority is toying with the idea that visitor centers might not be a good use of money. Although computers might not be as fun and nice, they are certainly more reliable than paid staff. But that’s not the problem. The TDA is considering diverting visitor center revenue toward advertising.

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Why I’m Too Diverse for Asheville

While I was waiting for newspapers to get in the mood to download, I thought more about a way of framing the issues.* People like me are into means, while those that deem us idiots (TTDUI) are into ends. We would rather be constructively creative than have creation thrust on us. We deem the greatest acquisition to be character; talents, education, and resources being great add-ons. TTDUI’s would argue the greatest gifts are stuff, and one kills children if they don’t want to give them lots of it for free.

*Rephrasing is a tool of communication used by educators before all this national programming started scaring away qualified math and science teachers.

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I’m Just Sitting Here Watching the Wheels Go Round and Round

It’s another day of watching the circle go round and round on the computer. I can’t help but feel I Googled into a no-no, like cato.org or maybe my own email. Just this morning, I was reading an article lamenting the pornography epidemic. I can only suppose the problem is so widespread and insidious because that is the only thing that downloads anymore.

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Stuck in the Middle with You

Not too long ago, a friend of mine was upset because she wasn’t rich enough to get her special-needs child into programs, and she wasn’t poor enough to qualify for aid. Today, in the Mountain Xpress, we read a concern from a parent trying to get her child into an unspecified ADHD program.

It seems that almost all slots for the program are designated for those on Medicaid. Only one slot per year in the whole county (Buncombe) is allotted for “pro bono,” or those with private insurance. Therefore, over a period of five years, we were always on a waiting list and never were granted the slot. . . . I wonder about the “No Child Left Behind” idea. Seems it does not apply to those with private insurance.

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