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Mountaineer Suppression

Here’s a quick link to what stuck, what went into effect, and what didn’t, in terms of election reform. If you’re too lazy to click, just don’t try to get away with anything fishy, and you should be OK.
Speaking of lazy, in Watauga County, court battles continue over whether or not students at Appalachian State University can have an early voting site on campus.

In an Oct. 17 letter, Watauga elections board chairman Luke Eggers . . . argued against a site at the Plemmons Student Union, noting that the four-story building has multiple entrances and that a voter could “become confused or discouraged from finding the appropriate location to vote within this building.”

I’m not sure how that is less confusing than on again, off again, who knows where voting.

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Doves Are Peaceful

In the maximally postponed Macon County reval, the net worth of real estate dove, and so a tax increase, which would impact the middle-class homes more than the McMansions is likely. Hot political topics, however, include fracking and the state’s education cuts.

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The Fix Isn’t out

Attacks against Asheville Police Chief William Anderson continue. Friday, State Representative Tim Moffitt requested AG Roy Cooper to investigate “possible corruption,” and the Mountain Chapter of the NC Police Benevolent Association asked city council to investigate “possible unlawful malfeasance.”

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(1) Tolerate, (2) Celebrate, (3) Embrace, (4) Riot

A recent town hall meeting in Saluda embraced diversity with contention between the native, dry Baptists, and the foreign “atheist communists.” The town is considering revising its sign ordinance, but in the meantime, code enforcement took down all the noncompliant, off-premises signs for churches. This upset local churchgoers, who questioned the values of leadership that would do that after legalizing alcohol consumption in a park next to a playground.


At Least Removal Is Cheap

Yarn bombing is cool because it’s stealthy like graffiti, or so we’re told. Read all about it.

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Perhaps a National Wardrobe in Works

Shareth the Mountain Times:

Watauga High School graduate Jordan Stokes visited the White House in less than typical fashion. . . .

On Oct. 8, the WHS grad and N.C. State sophomore attended a workshop on fashion education held at the White House and hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama.

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Can You Feel the Trickle-down?

Polk County collected $672,000 college credits for high-school-aged students and 23,000 pills.

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Too Silly to Monger Any Fear out of Me

We’ve had a handful of cases of ebola, so everybody needs to dress in their ebola costumes for the cameras, and hospitals need to get their ebola teams together. Maybe each little mountain town needs to invest millions of federal debt in supersonic x-ray helicopters for their local SWAT units. (See, for example, 1, 2, and 3.)

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What Think Ye of Sheriff Posses?

Here’s a conversation topic. Henderson County’s Sheriff Charlie McDonald is starting up what is referred to as a “sheriff posse” program. Private citizens are being trained to, among other things, ride along with deputies and search crime scenes.

The article tells of corrupt sheriffs who have served recently in the area. It subtly conjures images of goons doing their bidding, not to mention the neighbors spying on neighbors that is not uncommon to sheriff’s departments nowadays.

What do I think of it? Well, I’ll probably change my mind tomorrow, but my philosophy remains, “The best defense is self-defense.” Training others to help their neighbors is not a bad thing, but going so far as to certify those with training, thereby “unintentionally” further disadvantaging those without, would be a mistake.

On another track, people need jobs. They should get paid to work for the government; otherwise, they are, um, slaves?

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Who Wants to Be Chief?

Hark! Intrigue besets the castle! There be interests that want Asheville Police Chief William Anderson out. Complaints include not calibrating radar guns and getting officers to defend his son before he plead guilty to charges pertaining to an automobile wreck

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