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Details on April 6 Raleigh Rally against Obamacare

FreedomWorks, We the People, and Americans for Prosperity are now working together to recruit persons wanting to get together and rant about the federal government’s lack of deference for the voice of the people and the Supreme Law of the Land, and possibly everything in between. The stated objective is to convince AG Roy Cooper and Governor Beverly Perdue to join the lawsuit opposing the insurance reform bill as un-Constitutional. If all else fails, demonstrators will have at least visibly expressed their growing unrest.

The event will be held at 8:30 am at Halifax Mall, April 6. Commissioners Cherie Berrie and Steve Troxler are the invited speakers.

FreedomWorks is also planning a harmonic convergence on Washington, DC on tax day, April 15.

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Playing Chess with Ornery Pieces

Another excellent article was written by Daniel J. Mitchell of the Cato Institute. He told how CBO estimates, just like ideologue visions of socialistic utopias, assume all people are sinless saints without the slightest self-preservation instinct. He referenced claims about the future of Medicare and Medicaid when they were introduced to show how the CBO is “naïve.”

Mitchell argues that many people react to taxes, and usually in a way that will allow them to keep more of their own money. They will hire accountants to find loopholes, forsake highly-taxed activities to pursue other interests, and even illegally evade taxes. Employers are likely to cancel corporate insurance plans, allowing more people to buy government-subsidized healthcare on the cheap. People on the margin may take advantage of government’s incentive to become a taker rather than a giver. Disincentives for upward mobility injure the tax base overall.

Politicians, meanwhile, are not likely to exercise the restraint the insurance reform bill expects them to. Plans for future savings can always be overruled with future legislation. Oversight committees, touted as being guardians of frugality, will, if history repeats, grow their crises to justify their budgets and further their careers, and need a lot of administrative staff to handle the accountability requirements.

In addition, CBO estimates are ramped up over a ten-year period, so the cost of sustaining the full-fledged program would be much higher. Mitchell believes the costs of the new legislation would be six times higher than the public was told.

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Really New Math

Another excellent article by Bob Barr was published today. Barr told how the CEO’s of four large corporations that published nine-digit damages anticipated from the insurance reform bill were being intimidated.

Almost as soon as these companies issued their statements, the Commerce Committee’s investigations subcommittee sent ominous letter to the four CEOs, demanding to know how they arrived at their figures and “requesting” that they appear at a hearing scheduled for April 21st. The letters were signed by Waxman and subcommittee chair Bart Stupak of Michigan.

The CEO’s were asked to bring their calculations, explanations of accounting methods the businesses have used over the past seven years, and “any other data . . . relating in any way to the matter.”

An “independent analysis” conducted by the CBO predicted the bill could even earn money for the corporations. The CBO, says Barr:

is well-known for furnishing members of that body numbers that support whatever they want them to support, since its analyses must be based only on figures furnished by the requesting members themselves.

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FreedomWorks Advocates for Petition, Too

FreedomWorks will host a rallly in Raleigh April 6 to encourage the governor and attorney general to join the lawsuit against the federal government.

The “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” was an enormous overreach of federal power that encroaches on state sovereignty and our freedoms. On Tuesday, with the stroke of a pen, the law of the land will now require every American citizen to either secure federally regulated health insurance or risk having to pay harsh penalties, and even spend time in jail.

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AFP Gets Third Post in One Day

I hate to draw so much from one source, but Americans for Prosperity is also responsible for publishing the ObamaChart. It shows how due process is getting as much respect from the federal government as your attempts to, as the progressives say, “inform the dialogue.”

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Petitioning NC’s AG to Join Lawsuit

Americans for Prosperity has, however, taken the lead to organize a petition drive to persuade Attorney General Roy Cooper and Governor Beverly Perdue to join the lawsuit against the federal government. The lawsuit faults the recently-signed insurance bill as being un-Constitutional in that the federal government does not have the power to require people to buy anything. This is obvious, but it is frightening to think about what doors a Supreme Court interpretation would open. The mass media is making the suit sound like a long shot, but I’m willing to do “something – anything!” to contain the federal government.

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Tea Party Summit

Americans for Prosperity is hosting two Tea Party Summits in North Carolina. One will be held in Hickory May 14-16. Presentations will include assistance with investigating and reporting on government activities and getting out the vote. AFP is quick to disclaim any attempt to take over the Tea Party movement, noting one of its strengths is it vests no confidence in centralization of control.

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Good News Is Bad News

Putting an end to fraud in government sounds like a great thing. However, there is something very surreal about getting a press release with the mug shot of a talented and otherwise apparently good person convicted and charged in a police investigation. The Asheville Police Department charged four city employees, including the human resources director and assistant director, with an assortment of counts, including obtaining property by false pretense, forgery, obstruction of justice, and making false statements. The director and assistant director have been terminated as a consequence of the investigation. The city has initiated an executive search, and it has outsourced to a third party to manage its flexible healthcare savings account in the interest of public transparency.

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“Meditaaaate, My Direction”

If you are in Swain County, are fallen, and can’t get up; you may go to the nearest fire station or the nearest major intersection. Amidst a damage-controlled shortage of details, the county has lost its 911 system for the second time in recent history.

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Cost Containment

The Asheville Citizen-Times is helping the City of Asheville balance its budget. John Boyle, o so good naturedly, began an expose on city employee salaries.

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