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Wanna Pay That $60 Fee

Gays in Asheville, many of whom are reverends, are going to request marriage licenses from Buncombe County. They will continue to importune until the officials break down and break state laws, or the state breaks down and – oh, bother, Pooh!

Asheville, NC – At 12 PM on October 3, 2011, Reverend Kathryn Cartledge and Elizabeth Eve, her partner of thirty years, will request a marriage license at the Buncombe County Register of Deeds Office in Asheville, NC. Rev. Cartledge and Ms. Eve will be joined by two other same-sex couples who will request licenses and a group of supporters including Representative Susan Fisher, Representative Patsy Keever, Asheville City Council Member Gordon Smith, and Reverend Joe Hoffman.

Rev. Cartledge and Ms. Eve will be denied a license because they are two women and current North Carolina law forbids issuing a license to same-sex couples. They are prepared for this response, and will be back again to request a license on another day as part of the WE DO Campaign, which calls for full equality under the law for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

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Heavenly Head-Banging & Deafening Silence

Maggie Valley is one of at least three local jurisdictions revisiting its noise ordinance. The solution would be to use sound-absorbent technology. In fact, we could employ optical techniques (1, 2) that would allow ugly big-box buildings, McMansions, and clearcuts to look like green wilderness and year-round at that. That would give government a mighty excuse for raising taxes and create a lot of jobs.

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Article 31, Section D, Subclause 68: Congrefs Shall Buy Fire Engines for Small Towns

Tryon’s fire department was awarded $168,000. $60,000 came from the teacher-firing state, and the remainder via two FEMA grants from the bankrupt-beyond-remediation federal government. The money will go toward volunteer stipends, air packs, and a new command vehicle.

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Perfect Lollipop Trees

Halloween is approaching, and the Saluda City chainsaws are massacring trees like crazy. The solution, as always, will likely be for staff to come up with numbers other people used, and the elected body to act authoritarian in tweaking them. Then, people can be fined for sensibly trimming trees.

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Don’t Trade; Gimme

The funding for a program that creates jobs for senior citizens is at risk.

Well, duh. In a sensible economy, programs don’t create jobs; improving resources does. But this program, although not market-supported, is for a special interest group. The Senior Community Service Employment Program has been cut from “like 850 million to $320.” What the jobs do, besides generating wages, is not stated in the brief published online by the Smoky Mountain Times.

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And Still They Want to Emulate Cuba

Alina Fernandez, the daughter of Fidel Castro, spoke to a crowd at UNCA Wednesday. She recalled how her father denounced persons with grievances as “traitors.” She recalled food and soap rations where there was “never enough.”

Fernandez eventually became fed up with living there, a “country where the revolution is endless.” She was tired of the government controlling her life, tired of seeing people go to jail if they wanted to change or improve their life, and upset her daughter couldn’t get an education.

Fernandez left Cuba in 1993 with a fake passport. She said it took 38 years for her to escape the country.

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I’m a Sinner, Montreal

Another Pride festival is experiencing hang-ups. It is likely because there are so many laws, everybody is in violation. One need only get out the fine-tooth comb to put his enemies and rivals away.

Anyway, Catawba Valley Pride organizers did not procure the correct approval for their preferred venue. They signed a contract with the Hickory Crawdads to lease LP Frans Stadium October 1. Little did they know the stadium was owned by the city, and so council approval is needed for non-sports uses. As a result, the event has been moved to Unifour Christian Fellowship in Newton.

According to the Asheville Citizen-Times, Pride is “a festival for gay and straight people,” but nothing is said about the segregation measures that prevent the festival from just being for people.

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Sense of Place Trumps Lowering Taxes

The Town of Black Mountain’s Board of Aldermen turned down a $2.1 million offer from Walgreens. The evil chain that amasses money by selling things people want (like prescription drugs, soap, and school supplies) threatened to obsturb the community rights to a viewshed and sense of place. Almost 200 protesters showed up at the Board of Aldermen meeting. Only three of sixty-one people who spoke about the project wanted a Walgreens. The town had, months ago, considered selling their town square when they found funds wanting. At the recent meeting, the board also voted to rescind their decision to put the property on the market.

(Note: The population of Black Mountain is about 8000.)

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Asheville City Councilman Cecil Bothwell apologized to his peer Jan Davis. Bothwell is running for Congress; Davis, for re-election. Allegedly, Bothwell told the Mountain Xpress Davis was corrupt for dealings with the ABC Board, which is suspect of funky doings. Davis, who strives never to say an unkind word, said he accepted Bothwell’s apology, if that was what it was, and he didn’t think that was what it was. It did, however, get Bothwell a big picture on the front of the newspaper, so it must have worked.

I have provided no links either because I am lazy or because I don’t want to increase the Google ranking of aspersions.

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Dive Bombing

The Asheville Buncombe Community Relations Council was eligible for $45,000 in outside agency funding. Outside agency funding is well-known to be a distraction to get us ignorant masses boiled over nickels and dimes when government is blowing mega-, giga-, and terabucks out their ears. The staff report looked innocuous enough, but after a lot of hemming and hawing by City Council that didn’t make a lot of sense, the bombs started dropping. Esther Manheimer asked how the city could give them money with the issues. Then, somebody said something about the back taxes. Another said the director had resigned. Another mentioned the SBI investigation. Very transparent.

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