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How about an Education Syndicate?

I have been wondering what the Education Lottery teaches us. One thing might be that money is more important than wisdom. Another is that anything that uses children must be treated as a virtue. In Boone, a tattoo parlor has been collecting money for schools with an initiative called Tattoos for Schools. One continues to wonder what-all can be done in the name of children. At least the Boone project is somewhat heroic in that somebody is not asking government to “help” the schools any more than it already does.

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From Portlandia

A letter to the editor in the print version of the Mountain Xpress was written by a Portlander who advised the Asheville copycats, “Weird isn’t working.”

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No Dice

Speaking of weirdness, has anybody else’s email box been barraged by high-profile politicians desperately begging for $5 today? I received about a dozen requests.

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Everybody’s Had To Fight To Be Free

It is difficult to think of anything besides the Supreme Court Jester ruling. The email box is full of commentary, but most of it uses the decision to try to increase campaign contributions. I’ve read several articles, but most of them pull from a top-ten list of talking points. The pundits want to psychoanalyze Chief Justice John Roberts and call his bluff. In the news, the big story is the announced divorce of Tom and Katie Cruz. Then, there’s more about the weird clothing worn by famous drug addicts. Gobs and oodles of cars still troll the hood with anti-liberty bumper stickers. The greatest loss is the confusion concerned citizens are experiencing, not knowing if they should fight the Tyrannosaurus rex or gamble on a change of the guard. Worse, nobody knows what “is is” anymore. How exactly does one deal with power mongers that will not talk straight?

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A Holiday to Celebrate . . . Beeeeeer

The Fourth of July approaches. It is a holiday to celebrate by getting drunk on all the beer government has brought to the region, and then getting in the car to be pulled over as swarms of cops play “Booze It & Lose It.” If you don’t want to spend so much money humoring government, maybe you could rob a bank while all the cops are cruising to (1) make sure all the claustrophobic drivers are secured with their government straps, (2) add to the debts owed by drivers too poor to keep their registrations to date, and (3) helping drunks get home safely to beat their wives.

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Returning until You Say Uncle

Asheville City Council has cancelled its July 10 meeting, but it will host a public meeting at the US Cellular Center at 6:30 p.m., July 17 to let people talk about the proposed Business Improvement District. Again, the BID and its extra tax are needed because the City of Asheville prefers to spend existing revenues on greenways, studies, and awareness, than on basic city services.

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There’s Got to Be a Pun Somewhere

House Bill 552, designed to put the Asheville Regional Airport under a Regional Airport Authority, was ratified. It changes the governance structure and, reportedly, lets up on the red tape airport leaders have had to endure for business decisions. In its final form, the bill does allow the City of Asheville and other parties who invested in capital improvements to receive compensation for assets that in the first version would have been forfeited.

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Which Finger Was That?

Obamacare stinks. As for allegations that the Supreme Court ruled in its favor to garner political ammo, I have gained an appreciation for those who wish to work within the system to bring about peaceable change. Those who wish to rush to rock-bottom to expedite the rebound are fighting a losing battle, as the majority still seems bent on tying as much of their own rope as legislators cleverly seeking deal-breakers can toss them.

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Serious, Last-Minute Plea from the Fox Hole

Extending the welfare state to create government dependencies on something as vital as healthcare has long been foreseen as the final nail in the coffin of the great experiment in liberty known as the United States of America. Please ask your higher power, whatever you call him, to prevail upon the Supreme Court Justices today, to see to the termination of any part of Obamacare that would lead toward nationalized medicine.

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Hypothesizing Order in Chaos

Last night, Asheville City Council unanimously took a bold stance against current policies and practices of the current occupants of the White House. They ruled that cigarette advertisements will be banned from the annual Bele Chere festival after this year. No doubt, affiliates of Project ASSIST would like to see the noxious weed banned from the festival altogether. Yet, in spite of a national obesity crisis with outbursts of type-2 diabetes, council did nothing to ban deep fried foods or super-sweet desserts. One could fairly hypothesize that Asheville has a microclimate that, bucking national trends, makes obesity more sustainable than lung cancer.

Perhaps it is council members’ love affair with lard that causes them to show so much partiality toward anything to do with beer, which has high calories. (Do not make fun of my English. Had I used an adjective, like “high calorie,” I would have been stigmatizing.) As was mentioned in a previous post, council proactively approved the sale of beer at Bele Chere; and that is on top of all the corporate welfare it has been giving to outside brewers to capture market share from existing microbreweries. Narry as I can figure, smoking cigarettes is like driving a conventional automobile. It stenches up the whole place. Drinking beer, however, is like driving an electric car because all the damage is done in the vicinity of the drinker or the coal plant. It would be almost impossible to inhale cholesterol – unless one is following a grease-fueled vehicle – Hey, why is greasiness never brought up in conversations about climate change?

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