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Well, Oz Never Did Give Nothin’

Six nurses from Pardee Hospital have scored national certifications. That means the federal government is getting more involved in healthcare, and there is still a market for jumping through hoops for a piece of paper in the name of quality, whatever that means.

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Rolling Over

A LTE of the Hendersonville Times-News asked Americans to wake up. The author, like many today, thinks it is good to raise the cost of doing business in order to achieve an all-around increase in the cost of living. As a general rule, economic pressure imposed by any attempt to regulate trade (e.g., minimum wages, rent controls, buy local programs, etc.) will force people to spend money buying things they don’t want or paying for somebody else’s freebees. Much more easy on the eyes was an article that appeared in Forbes a few months ago.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must warn you that presidential candidates are named in these articles. This blog entry is not intended as an endorsement of any candidate; merely an expression of frustration from hearing the same great ideas over and over again.

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Boards Are for Hoodwinking?

The CEO of Western Highlands was fired. Western Highlands is the Local Management Entity (LME) overseeing mental healthcare for eight Western North Carolina Counties. Reportedly, the organization was going to run a $3 million deficit caused in part by “overspending” and reimbursing that which ought not to have been.

Mandy Stone, assistant county manager for Buncombe County and a member of the Western Highlands board, said she and other board members were not aware of the budget deficit until they read about it in media outlets.

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Dirtier than Old

What more can be said about management of the water system currently owned by the City of Asheville? Council held another meeting today, scheduled during normal business hours. Members spoke of holding more meetings and giving the public a chance to be heard. Council also boasted about all their amazing investments in the water system. Frankly, the fracas has the appearance of government trying to drag the public into its baggage.

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Need More about Cause and Effect

Greenpeace does not like big corporations and big carbon footprints, so they flew one of their airships over the Duke power plant in Skyland. It is not known how many corporate moguls have walked away from their fortunes to pursue other career paths after reading the side of a blimp. At least the protesters are demonstrating the feasibility of green, alternative transportation with signage that does not violate environmentally-friendly billboard ordinances.

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Four Ten-Millisecond Jobs with Tip-Supplemented Income

Any way government can waste money is good because it creates jobs. But did you know that the tax holiday this weekend creates jobs, too?

While shoppers are out making necessary purchases for school or college, they are more likely to purchase items that don’t fall under the exempt categories. They are also more likely to dine out, need to purchase gas, or even make it a shopping excursion and spend the night. State revenues also showed an increase in jobs, and the payroll taxes that come from these jobs, needed to handle the increased sales activity.

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On the Forest and the Trees

The Henderson County Board of Commissioners wishes to study the Flat Rock Playhouse’s financials before approving a 1-cent sales tax to go exclusively toward the private venue. But seriously, if overhead waste were determined to be 20%, instead of 30%, higher than need be, would that make forced contributions to the arts during an economic turndown a smart idea?

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No Go for Veto

The local daily has learned from the governor’s office that Beverly Perdue is not going to veto legislation that would prime the city’s water system for deliverance to the Metropolitan Sewerage District. Her position, construed by some to be ambivalence, came across as hifalutin double-speak. It appeared the governor is not well-acquainted with the issues. That is because people who have researched the issue for ten or twenty years can’t figure it out. My uninformed hypothesis is there is no right and wrong, just money.

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Why We Need More Federal Food and Housing Programs

Dillsboro is yet another community reveling in the festivities of the economic recovery that has been kicked into high gear for the last five years. The town lost tourist business when the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad moved its headquarters to Bryson City. An attempt to rejuvenate the economy with sweepstakes machines then flopped. Maybe the town should apply for state and federal grants to help them vision.

This leads us to a story problem. Joe lost his job, his house, and his life’s savings during the Great Economic Recovery. He is now in public housing, receiving food stamps, and getting state assistance with career retrenchment. Despite efforts, he has been unemployed for eight months. How much money does he have for (a) recreational train rides? (b) sweepstakes machines?

Solution: The answer is quite simple. If you consider the fact that two out of three Americans are obese, and at least some authorities define obesity as those over the 95th percentile in body mass index; then 0.95 = 0.67.

Now, loosely speaking, over the set of real numbers, the quotient of any two elements that are equal will be a multiplicative identity. In other words, any number multiplied by that quotient will remain unchanged.

Suppose now that Joe has 0.03 cents left after negotiating with all his creditors. (0.3)(0.95/0.67)^100,000,000,000,000 is a huge lot of money. And that is why abundance mentality with big dreams and positive visioning without concern for cost has gotten us into our current prosperous condition.

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Ha Ha, Funny

Marketers for Atlas Shrugged Part II, the movie, have sent out an email asking fans for ideas to help promote the movie in their “groups” and amongst their “members.” Hopefully, this was merely a diagnostic to measure the success of Part I.

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