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What about Nonstop Voting?

Two of three members of the Watauga County Board of Elections wanted to extend early voting hours because it snowed last week. Stacy “Four” Eggers IV cast the dissenting vote.

“[Board member Rusty Henson] and I felt that there was a significant downturn in expected numbers of early voters at both the courthouse and the ASU early voting locations on Monday and most certainly on Tuesday. In fact, the courthouse was closed on Tuesday until 10 a.m., which definitely restricted the hours of operation at that location,” [Chairwoman Stella] Anderson said.

Noting waiting times were two hours long in some places, the State Board of Elections instructed local boards to extend early voting hours if necessary. The longest waits in Watauga County were fifteen minutes, and that was because frats and sororities came to vote as a group. Since the Watauga County board’s vote was not unanimous, the extension did not go into effect. An appeal to the state board just sat until it was too late to do anything.

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Maybe They’re Getting Their Hair Done for Tomorrow’s Parties

At least three newspapers decided it was important to write about gas prices falling. The journalists amazingly all concluded a few things verbatim. See 1, 2, and 3.

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Me Happy

Sometimes I complain about the nonprofit gag order that prevents members of the JLF from using free speech in election season. However, a letter we received from John Hood today made me very happy to be outside the fray of personality cults and attack rhetoric, and instead enjoying the responsibility of promoting ideas that make sense.

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Why You Can’t Find That Number

The Cato Institute doesn’t believe the federal government is being transparent, either. We must suppose they are trying to protect us from the panic that would result if we knew how badly they were handling things.

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