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And You Feared Zombies

Why is there no great stir about the billboard that reads, “Asheville progressives are coming to get you . . .”? In the background is a menacing blaze, so it is likely the artist was trying to divide our community.

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Ping Pong

It seemed inconsequential. Wascally Wepublican Wedistwicters cut the most liberal college in the US in half and didn’t bother to tell anybody. 145 people dwelling on the campus of Warren Wilson College were issued provisional ballots. Another 54 people must revote, as they early-voted before Buncombe County Election Services discovered the college’s single address was now in two statehouse and two county commission districts.

One district was that in which all four commission candidates split the vote almost evenly. The two Republicans had the most votes, but the third-place candidate was only 87 votes behind the second. Following the canvass, somebody might request a recount.

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Who You Gonna Call?

I do not like to use this space to call attention to the frailties of mere mortals. However, following mismanagement of the Asheville Police Department’s evidence room, sending of the Buncombe County Sheriff to jail for gambling, allegations of wrongdoing by law enforcement for the Town of Fletcher, and much, much more – a former chief deputy from Cherokee County is under investigation for finding personal use for $30,000 seized from a drug raid

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Trusty Government

Residents of Hendersonville are invited to bring up to fifty pounds of “sensitive documents” to a free public shredding. The contributors need not hang around to make sure they’re shred, and the event will be over when the shredding truck is full.

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The Educated Prefer Higher Taxes

About 75% of Swain County voters opposed a referendum for a quarter-cent sales tax. Tax advocates say that was because there was not enough time to educate voters so they’d know the money would go to pay for schools.

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