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Deal for Playhouse

The Henderson County Commissioners are likely getting soft with funding for the Flat Rock Playhouse. After refusing to disburse their appropriation until the nonprofit tightened its accounting practices, Commissioner Larry Young met with interested parties to negotiate.

The ice melted when an unnamed soul said she would donate $100,000 if matched by government. Young soon agreed to release half of the county’s $100,000 appropriation provided the venue clean up their financial practices as well as the tawdriness seeping into theatre producitons. Young also asked that the Village of Flat Rock fork over some dough.

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Another Reason to Gamble for Children

Here’s an umpteenth example of, “What? Should we sin that government may abound?”

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Night Crawlers for the Little Fishy?

Remember the old CIA stories of how to get somebody under your thumb? You bait them with a little cash they don’t need, provide disbursements regularly, and slowly increase the amounts until they expect the offerings and adjust their budgeting. Then, one fine day, you threaten to stop gifting and see what they’ll do to get your help paying bills.

And so, it is with no surprise that the federal government; in particular, the obtusely relevant DHS, has granted Watauga County (and no doubt myriad others) a small sum for emergency food and shelter programs. Now, you ask rhetorically, what does this have to do with terrorism, the raison d’etre for that un-American department. Perhaps you give a pass on the Constitutionality of the gift, noting the General Welfare clause. But seriously, people who need a bloated, centralized government to take care of such fundamental needs as clothing and shelter, are not free, but pets. (I borrowed that from former Asheville City Councilman Dr. Carl Mumpower.) What is worst, though, is that nobody has a clue to whom the funds are going. Agencies that meet certain requirements, such as practicing nondescrimination or, more essentially, eligibility to accept federal funding, are encouraged to apply.

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Good Recap

Here’s more on the apparently imminent merger of the Metropolitan Sewerage System with waterworks in Asheville and Henderson County.

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Can’t Trust Those Little Humans

A number in leadership in the Town of Tryon believes free speech ought to be regulated.

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While on the subject of mean-spirited pettiness, a couple folks on the radio this morning were talking about a certain photograph. We can’t get partisan here, but the photo pertained to bipartisanism. The program hosts said they did not think the two men liked each other, and they wondered which one liked the other the least. Well, how would feel if somebody lied and cheated to defeat you and then asked you to come in and show him how to run the country?

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Another Useless Anti-Cliff Proposal

Sometimes it helps to look at things from another perspective. Since we have the 47%, and they like benefits more than initiative, I was thinking we ought to have an Atlas Shrugged directive that requires all people who want to work, to work two jobs. To prevent erosion of the marginalized, we will require all people who are working to be retained by their employers. Furthermore, since we can easily distinguish those who don’t want to work from those who do, we could impose a super income tax, say enought to leave all working people with $10,000 annually.

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