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The More Things Stay the Same

The winner of the second seat in Buncombe County’s District 2 commissioner race remains unknown. A manual recount of 3% of votes cast, or two precincts, showed a difference of four votes in favor of third-place contestant Christina Kelly G. Merrill. Extrapolated to the entire district, a systematic error could give Merrill 106 more votes, well over the 17 needed to displace Ellen Frost, who for the moment is in second place. While the Buncombe County Board of Elections awaits instructions from the state on whether or not to conduct a full manual recount, Merrill’s legal challenge of votes from Warren Wilson College continues. The commissioners have watered down their agenda for tomorrow’s meeting, since nobody in District 2 could be sworn in. There is a chance another election will be held.

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When Legal is Illegal & Vice Versa

There may be a problem with this article, as the local daily stripped the text while I was writing, but . . .

A Mexican, brought to the country illegally when fourteen years of age and recently charged with drunken driving, is up for deportation. Citizens are protesting. The victim’s mother says immigration agents “are not respecting the words that Obama has said to the country.” Immigration agents are reportedly suing the president for instructing them not to enforce the law.

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But Mom, I’m Studying

Blue Ridge Community College has joined the ranks of colleges offering a degree in beer.

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