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Successful Businessmen Keep Finding Loopholes in Laws Requiring Them to Donate Only to Progressive Campaigns

An article by the Institute for Southern Studies is written as if a suspicious secret has been unveiled. They are calling to attention a PAC formed to support a candidate in a judicial race. Won’t they be surprised when and if they find out what everybody else has known for a long time, that other judges are also supported by PAC’s. Reading between the lines, we can infer that it is unfair for candidates to be supported by rich people, even if the candidates follow campaign finance laws entirely. Rich people are supposed to give money to those who favor policies that destroy them. Money spent by rich people does not create jobs. If one finds it difficult to win an argument on the data presented thus far, one can prove that everything conservative is wrong by saying, “Art Pope.”

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    OK. Stupid me. The article was only trying to identify party affiliations in a nonpartisan race and put the spooge on the candidate of the other persuasion.

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