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I was just talking with my landlord. He said that [expletive deleted] [politically-charged language deleted] has already [expletive deleted] [politically-charged language deleted]. Can you imagine what’s going to happen when the [expletive deleted] [politically-charged language deleted] gets the [expletive deleted] [politically-charged language deleted] once the [expletive deleted] [politically-charged language deleted] [expletive deleted] the [politically-charged language deleted]? It’s going to be [expletive deleted] [politically-charged language deleted]. They could have held it off, but instead they [politically-charged language deleted] the [expletive deleted] [politically-charged language deleted]. That woman just [politically-charged language deleted]. Don’t they realize they can’t [politically-charged language deleted]? I tell you what, the next [expletive deleted] [politically-charged language deleted] is going to [politically-charged language deleted], and it’s not going to be funny. But you can’t [expletive deleted] [politically-charged language deleted] [expletive deleted] [politically-charged language deleted] the [expletive deleted] . . .

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