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Sounds Like a Personal Problem

I think I shall opinionate today. Lately, the news pages have been full of articles about drug busts. Does anybody really care? Can anybody but a druggy relate to the number of grams or hits specified? I do not support the use of controlled substances, and I don’t necessarily believe some of those substances should be uncontrolled. Wasting one’s body has always been a sad excuse for liberty. We all agree the War on Drugs is a joke. If “Wars on” weren’t the epitome of targetless “capacity building,” I would ask some higher-up to declare “War on” activities that are expressly repugnant to this country’s founding documents?

By way of a quick review, I’m thinking about Obamacare. It is illegal for elected officials to overreach the powers enumerated in the Constitution. It is illegal for judges to rewrite legislation. It is illegal to force another’s conscience as is required by taxes to subsidize abortion. It is illegal to force people to buy products. It is illegal to initiate a tax bill in the House, pass it, and do nothing about the breaking of the rules. It may not be explicitly illegal, but it sure violates the spirit of the law to assume the free market has no place in America, and that this country needs to adopt the debt-burned, demand-side systems of other nations. How, pray tell, does one bring out-of-control federal leadership into compliance, when they make up the rules to exonerate their abuses of the system as they go along?

P.S. I still hope buying gold and ammo is not the answer.

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