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Possum Rights

Clay Logan, host of the annual Possum Drop, was, to make a long story short, ordered by PETA to stop afflicting the adorable balls of fur with emotional trauma. Multiple studies indicate slowly lowering a possum, in a Plexiglas cage, before a crowd of reveling humans, stigmatizes the little fufu, inevitably requiring heightened levels of diversity training down the road somewhere. At least, it must be so.

Well, Logan handled the matter well. He refused to tell the press what would be in the cage this year. Then, on the night of the event, he lowered an opaque box. Pressed to divulge its contents, Logan only spoke in riddles. Ha ha, funny, but the last laugh may be on Logan. After all, it is not fair he should use his human brain to do things the possum can’t. If we want equal rights with the animals, we should never, never try to use more than our animal brains.

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