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I Need a Vacation

Chronically malcontent, I now miss the holiday “news.” Only yesterday Clay Logan was all over the papers for dropping a box of undisclosed contents. Today, POOF! Nothing. Maybe he dropped a box of pot and shared it with the press.

Indicative of the return to twisted normalcy is renewed rumblings about using legislative powers to fork over control of the Asheville Water System. The latest is a little weird, though. Hendersonville City Council wants to sign a resolution saying it would be a bad thing for the state to force municipal utility mergers. The reportedly cruddy state of the Hendersonville sewage system was supposed to be a motivation behind the anti-Asheville legislation. What do I know? Maybe the resolution is just public appeasement in light of the inevitable.

Three of the headlines in the local daily pertain to beer. Elsewhere, governments are getting down to the business of deciding what they can build for their kingdom with collections from the measly little taxpayers. Jackson County is considering recreational rail, fiber optics, swimming pools, a library – but not on hillsides.

Next week, Asheville City Council will enjoy its royalty status as citizens will get the guilty until proven innocent treatment. It’s not enough that there have been at least four officers at every meeting. Now paeons wishing a live audience with those exalted on high may enjoy the humility of remembering their bodies and personal effects belong to the state and are subject to search and seizure with or without cause.

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  • Jan

    […] and the city clerk could not tell why. Asheville Councilman Cecil Bothwell then offered that he had heard from a reliable source that the item had been pulled because some heavyweight had warned the Hendersonville council that […]

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