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The federal government’s supply of funds for food and shelter assistance outstripped demand, so now the government wants to give the unused portion to overhead agencies, so they can pass what’s left after the rake to people who don’t need it.

“The money is allocated based on unemployment in the county, so we didn’t get any last year or this year,” [Haywood County Emergency Food and Shelter Committee Chairman Tom Posey] said. . . . “But they had holdover money that wasn’t spent that they will give to communities that don’t qualify for allocation.”

I’ve been recalling the good old days when double-digit inflation was considered an irrational fear. Today, I paid 5% of my weekly income for a bowl of soup. I’ve also been thinking about the good old days of the Weimar Republic, when people rushed to the banks as soon as they got their checks so they could buy some bread at the lowest possible price. Was the government’s push to get more people on food stamps humane?

Why does everybody I know do their grocery shopping at Dollar General, Aldi, and Sam’s anymore? Surely, this will put the traditional grocers in a tight space; and what will suppliers do to adjust to continued increases in demand for below-market pricing? We need to grow our own gardens, but there is no place for that in Smart Growth New Urbanism.

As I mentioned before, I was in Atlanta a couple days ago for another actuarial analysis of unfunded liabilities in this country. Following the formal presentation, a legal and well-to-do immigrant asked what country the speaker would recommend he move to. He was told America probably remains the best country on the planet.

Unfortunately, the US is out-Greecing Greece. In spite of obfuscation, the CBO’s balance sheet shows that if government were to shut down (all buildings, all departments including Defense and Education) for the next year and pay only entitlements (Social Security and Medicare), the country would still be running a deficit. On the other side of the dais, men turn into creatures that want to create more programs and increase the number of enrollees in existing ones with a passion that quenches objectivity.

Speaking of senseless cravings, I’ve been addicted to this video of late. It swings, I like the keyboards, and I’ve always loved songs about fools. Lyricists tend to equate fools with those who see things as they are. By contrast, King Solomon, reputedly the wisest man ever, wrote a whole book explaining the difference between wise men and fools. The bottom line was fools use only their animal brains. As ADD as this rambling is, you will note I’m still on the subject of addiction. Truth be told, I think I’m hyperlinking to the video because there is value and relevance in the lyrics that go, “You will pay tomorrohoh owo ho wo ho ho!”

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