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Count Truth among the Homeless

Freedom Works also made the astute observation that the government is firing scientists for attempting to advance the truth. That is a big reason why my scientific brain is on vacation. It didn’t go Galt, because I can’t find Atlantis. The only place people are interested in facts is in electronics. How many people are working as consultants, administrators, coordinators, leaders, leadership trainers, etc.? How many are regulators? How many are accountants and lawyers who support hyper-regulatory government? How many scientists are using their talents to measure irrelevant quantities to make reports look technical and flaunt certification? How many old engineers disobey government-generated blueprints sporting geometrical impossibilities just to make things work? How many philosophy courses teach students to evaluate reality rather than memorizing who-said-what sound bites? I could say that those who love and wish to practice truth must go underground like the alchemists, but a true alchemist would not admit it, would he?

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