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Columbus needs to regulate its chickens. It’s not like laws already exist to allow people recourse if the neighbors’ hens escape and destroy your property. What is needed is a twofold economic multiplier. First, regulating chickens will create jobs for bureaucrats who will make sure people can tell the difference between regulated and unregulated chickens. This will create jobs for computer repairmen, office supply distributors and manufacturers, and all the utility companies who help keep the office up and running. Then, there are the secondary multipliers. Secondly, jobs will be created for manufacturers of chicken wire, chicken shoes, and whatever else the government deems necessary for regulated chickens.

Some folks have seen the results of having no restrictions; chickens strut along beaches in Kauai and roost in trees in some towns in Florida.
“I think most of them in Florida have to have life jackets,” one councilman jested.

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