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Somebody’s Doing Math

Opinion shapers are applying the left-wing tactic of putting a face on their issues to right-wing causes. The Tryon Daily Bulletin has a narrative about a theater owner who had to raise prices to cover tax increases.

“I currently pay seven and a half cents a ticket, and with the new tax law, I will pay 54 cents per ticket,” [Tryon Theatre owner Barry] Flood said. “A lot of times I have eaten increases. Just this year alone, the price of popcorn has doubled, but I’m not raising that price. The cost of cola has quadrupled since I began. It reaches a point where I cannot absorb all of these increases.”

Now, just for kicks, calculate the economic impact (direct, indirect, induced, hallucinated, hypothesized, mented, and what all) if the Tryon Theatre could get the local TDA to follow Henderson’s lead in spending $25,000 in tax receipts on tickets.

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