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I Escaped, Again

Greetings from California Lutheran University. Here are some strange tales from the road:

I didn’t post Saturday because I’m traveling cross-country, and I wasn’t sure which time zone I was supposed to black out. Had it not been for the wicked snow drifts in Oklahoma (They were bad.), I may have gotten to drive on/off the Golden Gate Bridge with its lights off. ;)

Sedona has a lot of traffic calming – roundabouts, etc. – It is now under construction. One hill was so full of cones, it looked like Methuselah’s birthday cake. There were several “Keep Right” and “Keep Left” signs among the cones, many together.

I had to ask the lady at the inspection station to repeat everything she said because I couldn’t understand her broken English.

As I approached the Palm Springs wind farm, I was thinking how I might have thought it was really cool had the dude at the wind awareness forum I attended with Daren Bakst not said how much prettier the mills were than condos. The windmills were “raping” the “steep slopes” halfway to the top. I would have been beside myself with road rage had I not been flipping through the radio channels and hit “What a Beautiful Mess I’m In.” I let it play.

Form ordinances, from New Urbanist planitizens, are annoying. One sees trees and walls with expensive “identity-defining” designs from the highway. Del Taco seems the only corporation with enough pull to have its signs visible from the road in California.

Meanwhile, it looks like the folks back home had 28 backers of the state sovereignty resolution Friday. I must say, I’m skeptical. Admittedly, good folks like John Blust would support the Constitution, but most I don’t’ think even realize what the Tenth Amendment resolution means, except maybe more votes.

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