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I Don’t Know. Let Me Check My Voter Registration.

Some people think making school board elections partisan will empower them. It won’t. It will only empower the power structure, which thrives on humans who have set their brains aside.

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Why Have a Home When Somebody Else Can?

I supposedly received a PR from the City of Asheville today, but I don’t see it on their web site. The PR alleged as the city enters the eleventh year of the Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness, homelessness in Asheville is up. The program did very well in its effort to house the chronically homeless, and now it will focus on eliminating homelessness among veterans. But for government to succeed, we must first tax a few more middleclass property owners into homelessness.

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Great Americans

Reporteth the local daily: The Blue Kudzu Sake Company is going out of business.

The sake brewery – one of two in Asheville – “failed to secure a large enough market share to make our operation profitable,” the company announced Tuesday morning. A long permitting process also took its toll, keeping the company’s products from quickly reaching the market and depleting cash reserves, the company said. The lack of foot traffic in the River Arts District also was a problem.

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Who Knew?

Policemen are suspecting a recent shooting on a NC college campus may have been a hate crime.


Williams to Unmultiply with Trade

The Mountain Xpress has a story about Aaron Williams. He wants to open yet another bar in Asheville, but the shocker is he wants to sell nonlocal brews.

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Thank You for Your Purchase of Food Awareness

Foodshed. That is where all the little tributaries of food converge, reverse-deltalike into a single stream that leads right to my gut. Actually, they converge into a centralized feeder for all our food-desert chidren. Today, we learn that the Appalachian Foodshed Project has given the Asheville-Buncombe Food Policy Council $9000 to hire a part-time coordinator.

The Appalachian Foodshed Project is funded by a 5-year USDA Food Security Grant.

And, unless you’ve forgotten, we need the federal government to exercise extra-Constitutional powers to help half our people eat because putting a garden in your yard, picking berries by the wayside, or shooting a furry friend in the yard, is for all intents and purposes forbidden anymore. Among other functions, the coordinator will:

connect and collaborate with other community groups to increase awareness and actions to improve food security and food policy locally.

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Not Human Labor

Polk County has hired its first human resources officer; the last resources officer obviously being a frog.

[On her last job, the new HRO, Patti Wagner,] provided solution-based services that included human resource development, executive coaching, customized leadership development programs, specialized recruitment and staffing and business consulting emphasizing integrated strategic human resource support.

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Words That Work

After twelve years, Saluda town administrator Erny Williams has announced his retirement. Unlike just about any other retirement in the news, Erny is not citing “personal reasons” or “opportunities to explore new challenges.” He is, refreshingly, naming problems in words capable of forming pictures in the mind.

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Orylingaling – ROAR!

The City of Asheville is going to move some money around to pay for an acoustical analysis of the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium. Although it is an interesting use of tax dollars, it is a worthwhile cause. I attended a performance there a couple years ago, and I rank it at the very bottom of venues for acoustics. The word muddy comes to mind. Only the Peace Center in Greenville was worse. In Greenville, I kept moving from seat to seat to see if I could get a good sound, and it failed. Following the show, it was all I could do to restrain myself from offering the band’s bus driver some help as he got caught on this and this traffic calming device.

I did see another show at the Thomas Wolfe about thirty years ago. I went with some friends to see the Asheville Symphony. Athough it didn’t bother me, the friend who invited me talked for days afterward about how, during pianissimos and pauses one could hear the lions roaring from the circus next-door.

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Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer, Did I Say Beer? Beer, Beer, Beer

The City of Asheville will get to talk about Project Bravo IV tomorrow. Goody gumdrops. I only have two requests. (1) The city really needs to be more generous to this crony. I mean, with all the economic multipliers they are going to bring, surely they can find a cool million jingling around in the public coffers somewhere. (2) If this Project Bravo IV is the same craft brewery lurking around other economic development commissions in the Southeast, then as beer crowds out options for organically-grown choices in our food deserts, we really need to look into a federal program that puts local craft beer in all free and reduced school lunches. Educated tasting skills should be instilled at an early age.

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