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You Can Feel the Energy Better with Your Eyes Closed

Henderson County is celebrating being $1.75 million overbudget. Conservatives say it is $1.75 million taken out of the productive sector. Progressives say it is $1.75 billion in economic multipliers with 360 direct, indirect, and induced multipliers plus untold exponentiaters.

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I Can Cancel Your Vote

Not to mention any names, I think I will forget about fiscal sustainability, protection of liberties, and support for an environment conducive to productive genius – and vote for the person who can get the biggest rock star to sell me a raffle ticket. It’s for the children.

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True Story

I opened the Cato Institute’s page and began reading the article, “Who Pays for Public Employee Health Costs?” I would have thought the president did with his own money from his magic stash – except a little birdie outside the window began chirping, “We do! We do! We do! . . .”

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Political Semi-Pseudo-Joke

Fact: The Republican Party of Buncombe County is going after Register of Deeds Drew Reisinger for closing down his office during snow, and then posting pictures of himself sledding with friends on social media.

Fiction: The Libertarian Party of Buncombe County (I don’t think there is one.) is going after everybody else for not shutting down to go sledding.

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More Profitable to Leave, Huh?

Norfolk Southern has sold its Western North Carolina rail lines to Watco, an outfit based in Kansas. This could have implications for people who have lobbied Norfolk Southern to engage in activities that have nothing to do with the transport of freight, such as converting unused rail lines to greenways, rebuilding bridges to accommodate beer companies, and providing infrastructure for recreational passenger excursions through subsidy or bank-breaking debt.

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Not Knowing Whereof I Speak

When I think of privatizing, I think of having activities performed for profit by non-government entities. I don’t like the way the term is now being co-opted to apply to “partnerships” where once private companies share government money. It further blurs the line between public and private, but how dare I use that disparaging term “socialist.”

We also privatize by farming government operations out to management entities that look and smell just the same as government bureaucrats to consumers of programs, offer no relief to taxpayers, and aren’t unionized but act like they are and call it something else. This might actually add another layer to the Inferno, but we can cover up the smell of sulfur with enough paper coated in random words. We’ll give it an Orwellian doublespeak title because nobody in their right mind would read a pile of jabberwocky and try to make it mean what it doesn’t say.

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Let’s Go Back to Bartering Cattle

Yesterday, we learned from the local daily that panhandling arrests were up in downtown Asheville. The day before, City Councilman Jan Davis, who has a shop downtown, let the cat out of the bag. Although people experiencing aggressive panhandling and transient behavior (from the perpetration side) have been raising more awareness with intensified outreach to passersby in this post-recession era of low unemployment and thriving economic indicators; Davis said the police are really responsive. He also commented on the “what am I supposed to do with this?” sense that comes over folks when presented with statistically insignificant vicissitudes in crime stats.

What is more confusing, though, is that the police department is fining panhandlers and putting them in jail. Isn’t that something like asking a murderer to earn his freedom by turning over more bodies? At least the criminal justice system can put the money to use.

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Another Brillig Role of Government

The N.C. Department of Commerce, Office of Urban Development has announced that Waynesville was one of 20 North Carolina communities to achieve accreditation from the National Main Street Center for meeting the commercial district revitalization performance standards set by the National Main Street Center, a subsidiary of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
. . .
Working in partnership with the National Main Street Center, the North Carolina Main Street Center evaluates each of the state’s local Main Street organizations annually to identify those programs that meet 10 performance standards. These standards set the benchmarks for measuring an individual Main Street program’s application of the Main Street Four Point Approach to commercial district revitalization. Evaluation criteria determine the communities that are building comprehensive and sustainable revitalization efforts and include standards such as fostering strong public-private partnerships, securing an operating budget, tracking programmatic progress and actively preserving historic buildings.

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Question Stupide

Why don’t newspapers think it is headline news when other newspapers get awards?

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Because They’d Probably Hang up on Me

Pete Kaliner on 570 WWNC is now talking about legislation in Georgia that would require persons over the age of 75 to have a physician vouch for their physical and mental wholeness before they could drive. I am opposed on the grounds it is a bad solution for a legitimate problem. Personally, I do not want to see a doctor until Obamacare is repealed. I’m perfectly fine with Patrick Henry’s options. Furthermore, I foresee future MMPI’s designed to spike for sympathizing with the Tea Party. Methinks a road test combined with ramifications for getting pulled over for distracted driving should suffice.

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