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Keeping Medical Costs High

Remember yesterday, when people were fuming about health insurance costs soaring? Well, today we learn the Clean Water Management Trust Fund awarded $196,192 toward the construction of the Middle Fork Greenway in Watauga County. The grant came with a match in the amount of $168,750 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina.

From every mountainside,
Let premiums soar.

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I’m a Hypersensitive Victim!

I prefer to stick to policy, but this particular item was so twisted, I am going to be evil, and then work harder on making it the last time I mess with interpersonal affairs. I received an email today from a candidate. This candidate has written some nice things online about what an ill-informed, crazy, petty tool of the Conservative movement I be. The email tells me this candidate will be my voice. Since said candidate is the sane one, I’ve been trying to figure out whether he is talking about the voice that comes out of my mouth, one of the voices I am supposed to be hearing in my head, or – gasp – one of the voices in his head. Shut up, Leslee! Who said that?

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We All Work for Government

Another thing to brighten my day was an email informing me the wage data I forwarded to a former employee was in the wrong format. He is trying to collect disability. It is therefore his former employer’s responsibility to allocate time and resources to play games until the paperwork is correct. Back in the day, before governments like the City of Asheville kindly started availing resources online, anybody making a Freedom of Information Act request would, for one thing, wait until after any deadlines to receive information had passed; and then, when the info arrived, it would be packaged with an invoice for per-page Xerox costs plus labor. I would feel much better about these fool’s errands if the government would reimburse me.

So, we wonder what’s wrong with the economy? Government recruits people to go on welfare. Those on welfare inflate the prices for everybody else. Those left working, then can’t work because they have to spend what, 10 to 20 percent of their time filling out forms? That’s labor costs that have to be recovered by upcharges to consumers. Less time is available for innovation and quality assurance, so customers pay more for less. Why don’t we all just sit around and re-fill out forms and figure out how to reconfigure our computers to make the government happy. I’m sure the food will fall in our mouths and our great government will provide us all the housing we need.

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If You Hurry . . .

Pete Kaliner is now on the air talking about Obamacare. I am enjoying his targeted commentary. For example, and I paraphrase, after a caller complained about healthcare costs rising $70-700 a month, Kaliner said he had no sympathy for United HealthCare after they lobbied so hard for the downward spiral they surely foresaw.

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You Mean the Earth Can Grow Food without Government?

Informeth the Tryon Daily Bulletin:

Polk County Commissioners learned on Monday, Nov. 16 that Polk Fresh Foods is merging with Sunny Creek Farm and will no longer need grant funding from the county to operate.

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The Real Reason

The Town of Waynesville has banned smoking, and some fear this is not good for tourism.

“Women will start spending less because their husbands who can’t smoke will be like, ‘Hurry up,’” added Bethel Morales.

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Have You Completed Your Physics Homework?

According to the AP, student protesters at UNC-Chapel Hill Thursday, made several demands, among which were the elimination of tuition and indifference to SAT scores in the admissions process. A student interviewed said at least everybody agreed systemic racism exists.

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Too Diverse

The Faculty Senate of Western Carolina University voted against accepting $2 million in seed funding from the Charles Koch Foundation to create a self-sustaining Center for the Study of Free Enterprise. Faculty members feared first the center would stigmatize the college, although the Koch Foundation has contributed to about 250 schools already, and WCU is one of them. Secondly, professors were concerned the Free Enterprise Center would constrain academic freedom.

The Faculty Senate statement also raises the concern that any research that is consistent with the foundation’s ideological perspective “may be considered fruit from the poisoned tree” and dismissed by the scientific community.

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The Megging of a Tera-ist

The national debt is over $18.6 tera-dollars, and the federal government has enough money to send North Carolina $6 million through its Recreational Trails Program. I told the tale earlier today about the 500 miles of unobstructed coastal paths where I used to frolic in England. Every so often, members of the Southwest Coastal Path Society would pack their pruners and go for a lovely hike. We had historians and naturalists in our company. When we came to overgrowth, the pruners came out; the hikers snipped away, and the procession continued. When it was time for lunch, we sat in a mossy forest glade. It was so idyllic, it reminded me of faeries and elves. Well, here in the states, people are so dependent on government, we can’t even wear a trail anymore.

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You Went ahead with That Major Purchase, Did You?

November 5, Appalachian State University’s employees SHRA (subject to the Human Resources Act) received a memo telling them the school was going to give them a $750 bonus on top of the $750 provided by the state. Twelve days later, after the employees had had a chance to adjust their budgets accordingly, the school revoked it. It wasn’t that the school was trying to be evil. The problem was legal counsel feared the bonuses could be construed to run afoul of the law. This is but another instance of going to Harrah’s to gamble away one’s fortune looking more like a source of income than traditional methods of exchange in today’s economy.

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