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Asheville’s Impervious Gap

In 2006, leadership in the City of Asheville, in response to outcry from neighborhood groups and multimodal advocates, set a goal of constructing 108 miles of sidewalk. To date, 18 miles have been completed. The city’s capital improvement plan speaks of laying down $132,000,000 in sidewalk along main roads, but that would leave only enough for one mile in neighborhoods.

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What about Old Ironsides?

The town fathers in Sylva have decided not to have a moratorium on metal siding. They would, however, entertain an ordinance banning it. Some fear the metal would detract from the historicity downtown.

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The Flipside of Immoral Monday

I just got off the phone with Representative John Szoka (R-Cumberland). He is running unopposed, so I suppose it would be safe to say I sought him out for an explanation of changes to the state budget. Szoka used to do operations research for the Army. He’s good at math and statistics, he argues from facts with reason, and I’ve never picked up the slightest hint that he was being anything less than honest. So, yeah. I hung up the phone and a few minutes later I found an email announcing a JLF Spotlight talking about the same stuff. One of my favorite tidbits that I haven’t seen in the papers is the part about the legislators switching from a continuation budget, based on assumptions like bubbles never pop, to a base budget that assumes historical costs will provide a closer estimate of actuals.

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What Commotion?

Once again, wise men have decided the best way to deal with publicity stunts they dislike is to give them lots of social and other media attention.

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Cave & Create Jobs

Lawmakers made me and others liars yesterday. The bill that would give the Evergreen paper mill in Canton $12 million to help them pay to be compliant with new EPA guidelines was killed, but then it was resurrected. I do not know if it has been unresurrected, but as of the last report, the funding is alive. Had the lawmakers not decided the most rational way of dealing with irrationality is to be irrational, the EPA might have enjoyed some pushback.

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Oh, We Love & Support You – Psych!

It seems like ten days ago, but last night, the Buncombe County Commissioners changed how they would be subsidizing the tenants of what is about to become the former Pack Place board. My take from the meeting was the commissioners wanted to kill the Asheville Art Museum, but they wanted to set the City of Asheville up to give the final blow. For awhile, connected people in the know have been alleging the museum’s board is engaging in mismanagement.

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Watch Where You Step

I might have gone to the hospital last night, but that would have been so unthinkable. You see, I had a toe going sideways. It is probably still going sideways, but I don’t want to look at it. Back in the day, I would have gotten help, but the evil Republicans said no to Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion, and I was just reading about the hundreds of low-income people that would die as a consequence, all the money from the federal magic money stash that wouldn’t be sent to the state, and all the hospital jobs that would be lost. How dare I think of diverting resources to a pesky toe to cause jobs, people, and debt to drop like flies all about?

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I Love It When This Happens

The Carolina Journal reports that a “House revolt crashed” a bill that would appropriate (more) tax dollars for corporate welfare. To see who the principal good guys and bad guys were, cliquez ici.

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As Long As You Feel Good about Your Answers

Here is a clue as to why government bureaucrats think straightforward math education must be contorted into a freaky program:

In a confirmation of what commissioners suspected, a new method of calculating state tourism numbers shows the impact of travel on Jackson County is huge.

Here is a clue as to why government bureaucrats think straightforward English education must be contorted into a freaky program:

Last Friday, the city of Brevard emailed Oskar Blues a draft permit covering wastewater, brewery spokeswoman Anne-Fitten Glenn said. “Until we’ve reviewed and evaluated this permit, we can’t move forward on the wastewater treatment systems that we’ve been researching. We’ll continue working with the city to negotiate the permit so we can purchase the best treatment system for the community and the brewery.”

Yerp. Need more teachers.

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What Price Liberty?

Saith the Hendersonville daily:

The decision by Gov. Pat McCrory and Republican lawmakers not to expand Medicaid coverage through the Affordable Care Act will cost North Carolina $51 billion in lost federal money and thousands of jobs over the next decade.

First of all, the federal money is not lost. It has yet to materialize, and if and when it does, it will be fiat. Also missing from the story is an analysis of the triple bottom line. That is, what impact do skyrocketing national debt, centralization of markets, heightened bureaucracy, and all that jazz have on the sustainability of wealth creation for quality of life and all those rockabillies?

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